F1 standard goldendoodle puppy

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We are family owned and operated. We are a small breeder of Doodles. We currenlty offer Mini F1 and F1b Goldendoodles, F1b Tiny Goldendoodles, and Mini and Small Standard F1 Bernedoodles. Healthy companions are our top priority. We strive to select breed standard, healthy puppies to incorporate into our breeding program. We believe in OFA testing to heavily increase the chances of healthy, happy puppies. We also use Paw Print Genetics to screen for breed specific diseases. We also incorporate NuVet into our breeding program. All adult dogs receive a NuVet wafer each day and puppies receive them when they reach 6 weeks. 

We love our dogs and they are part of our family. We live on a large farm where our dogs have lots of room to run. They are dog-door trained and enjoy the comfort of a heated and air-conditioned home while still having access to outside. Puppies are using the doggie doors by 4-5 weeks! Several customers have told me their puppies have been very easy to potty train. They love the water and splashing in their big pool. Macy, Shelby & Molly especially love to fetch. Tyson likes riding the four-wheeler, Penny and Roxy like playing with the cats, and Bella and Rylee love playing with the kids. They all have their own unique personalities and make for a really fun group!

We love Doodles! The Poodle cross makes for a more intelligent dog, low to no shedding coat, and allergy friendly pet. You get a variety of colors due to the Poodle gene: white, cream, golden, apricot, red, chocolate, black, merle, and partis. The breed you love can be even better when crossed with a Poodle!