SDD's Macy Jade 

3/4 English Golden Retriever
Macy and her sister Shelby came to us all the way from Michigan. These girls were sweet and playful from the very beginning. They have always gotten carsick on the way to the vet, so they spend most of their days here on the farm! Macy and Shelby have had beautiful puppies for us. We have kept 4 back ourselves so that we will always have their lines in our breeding program. 
Macy is an English cream with a red tint. She LOVES the water. She is in it every chance she gets, even when mama thinks it is way too cold! Macy LOVES to fetch. She has a favorite rubber tire toy she carries around with her everywhere. It is in the whelping pen with her puppies as I type. 
Macy's hips and elbows have been tested through OFA. Her hips were "good" and her elbows were negative for elbow dyplasia. Macy weighs 70 lbs. 
Macy is currently 3 years old. She will be looking for her retirement home in about 2 years. It would be good if both Macy and Shelby could go together. They haven't ever been apart since birth, except for when they have puppies of course. 
Macy's Past Puppies

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