SDD's Bella Rose

F1 Standard Goldendoodle
Bella was raised here on the farm. Her mama is Shelby and her daddy is Rocky from Creekside Goldendoodles who was very dark red. Bella is very gentle and calm. She is very submissive to other dogs and people alike. Bella started out very red and lightened because of her English lines. Her puppies should be darker though since they would be 3/4 Poodle. 

Bella loves hanging out with us or her doggie friends. She isn't much into playing fetch. She enjoys having her ears scratched and soaking up rays. Bella is 70 lbs. 

Bella has had her hips and elbows checked through the OFA. Her hips were "good" and her elbows were normal. 
Bella's Past Puppies
Half of Bella's puppies were more wavy than curly. 
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