Goldendoodle Varieties

F1- first generation Goldendoodle, cross between a full-blooded Golden Retriever and a full blooded Poodle, 50-50 cross (more hybrid vigor, meaning puppies are generally healthier than their parents

F1b- Back cross Goldendoodle, generally a cross between an F1 Goldendoodle and a full-blooded Poodle, but can be an F1 Goldendoodle crossed back with a Golden Retriever. The F1 and Poodle tend to be the most popular since they are more hypollargenic and have less shedding, still has some hybrid vigor

F2- F1b bred to an F1b (once you start breeding the multi-generations you lose all consistency of litters, some may look more like Golden Retrievers, while some look more like Poodles, tend to lose most of their hybrid vigor

Multi-Gene- F2's and higher bred together (once again, you lose a lot of your consistency, still a beautiful dog, but have have several different looks in a litter

Awesome Family Dogs

Goldendoodles, known as Golden Poos, Goldie Poos, and Groodles, are a designer dog or cross-breed of the Golden Retriever and Poodle starting in the 1990's. The Goldendoodle may be relatively new, but it is increasing in popularity. While the Goldendoodle varies in size, depending on the size, depending on the size of the Poodle used (toy, mini, moyen or standard), they are still all Goldendoodles. My breeding program focuses on med/mini Goldendoodles and in 2018 Tiny F1b Goldendoodles.

Goldendoodles are very affectionate, family orientended dogs. They do well with children and other animals. They can take the traits of the Golden Retriever, the Poodle, or a combination of the two. Goldens are very affectionate and people-pleasers. Goldens love to play fetch and get in the water. They need lots of room to run. Goldens shed quite a bit, but the Goldendoodle should shed less than the Golden, depending on the ratio of Poodle in the cross. Poodles are affectionate, but sometimes pick one or two people in particular and shy away from others. They also like to fetch and play in the water. Both Golden Retrievers and Poodlels were bred for hunting. 

Like a big ole teddy bear!

Goldendoodles are a good choice for first time dog owners. They are easy to train and love people. They are good with people of all ages and with other animals. They make great walking/jogging companions, hiking buddies, crusing buddies, or even just a nice big pillow, anything you love, they will love when they get to be with you!