SDD's Molly Jane

F1 Standard Goldendoodle
Molly was raised here on the farm. Her mama is Macy and her daddy is Max from Prewitt's Goldendoodles who was apricot in color. Molly is 70 lbs. Even though Molly is light in color like the English. She has had some pretty dark red puppies. 

Molly LOVES to fetch! She takes after her mama Macy. She always has a ball or Kong in her mouth and begs you to throw it for her. Molly is one of my more dominant females. Molly also loves the water like her mama.

Molly has her hips and elbows checked through the OFA. Her hips were "good" and her elbows were normal. 
Molly's Past Puppies
Most of Molly's F1b puppies have all been relatively curly. 
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