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We love animals and we know you love them too! Unfortunately, the majority of dogs  are not receiving a complete, healthy diet and many become ill and die prematurely. NuVet Labs' main purpose is to help increase your pets' longevity and quality of life. 

NuVet Plus and NuJoint are designed specifically for dogs with the best human-grade, natural ingredients available, utilizing the latest advances in medical, veterinary, and nutritional science. 

Puppies receive immunity from their mom naturally, but also receive NuVet Plus through their mother's milk (mom's are fed a NuVet Plus wafer daily). Puppies have to start building their own immunity after about 6 weeks. Puppies become stressed during weaning and relocation at 8 weeks of age. Our puppies will be started on NuVet at 6 weeks and it will start filling in the gap where their mother's immunity left off. We hope you will continue caring about your puppy's immunity and keep giving them their NuVet Plus immunity booster!

1 bottle of 90 wafers, lasts 3 months. So for less than $1 per day you are giving your puppy the vitamins and minerals they may be lacking from their pet food and preventing and protecting them from free radicals and other diseases. 

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Scientifically formulated to provide everything
your pet needs for perfect health!

​Dosage: 1 wafer per day for dogs over 5 lbs. 
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