1. Vitamins
    Order at www.nuvet.com/25149 We use the wafers.
  2. Comb
    Gets down to the roots so your pet doesn't mat.
  3. Crate
    This is a 36" crate with a divider while potty training.
  4. Deshedder
    Comb out any loose hair.
  5. Potty Training
    Teach your dog to ring the bell to go out to potty.
  6. Toy
    Great dental toy.
  7. Toy
    Good for big chewers.
  8. Toy
    Goldendoodles especially like to fetch.
  9. Toy
    Great teething toy.
  10. Cover
    Puppies like to feel protected.
  11. Snuggle Puppy
    Great for transitioning a new puppy used to litter mates.
  12. Brush
    For soft and smooth hair.
  13. Teeth
    Break up plaque on your pet's teeth.
  14. Toy
    A Kong toy less likely to be eaten.
  15. Toy
  16. Dental Health
    Freshens breath and cleans teeth. Use after 6 months.
  17. Treats
    You will need several small treats for training.
  18. Harness
    While a collar works, harnesses are great too.
  19. Bed
    Nice and comfy bed for their crate.
  20. Training Leash
    Teach your puppy boundaries.
  21. Leash
  22. Collar
    Lots of cute options.
  23. Treats
    Good chews.
  24. Pet ID Tag
    Good if your pet gets lost.
  25. Title 26
    Puppy Food for the first year.