SDD's Sparkling Ruby Sue

F1 Standard Goldendoodle
​Ruby came to us from a breeder in Iowa. She is a red F1 standard Goldendoodle. She weighs 48 lbs. Ruby has more of the Poodle frame, a lot thinner body. Ruby has been a great addition to our program. She is so sweet and such a great mother. Hannah and Jesse, my 8 and 5 year old kids, can lay all over her when she has her babies and she doesn't mind. Ruby is a little more alert around strangers near her babies. 

Ruby loves to run around and play. She will run with Shelby and Macy when they fetch, but she won't bring the ball back herself. She is happy to just run along with them. 

Ruby's hips and elbows have been tested with the OFA. Her hips tested "good" and her elbows were normal. 

Ruby will be 3 years old May 2018. She will be looking for her retirement home in a couple years where she enjoy her last several years puppy-free and in a home all her own. 
Ruby's Past Puppies

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